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By Karen Brooks

Issue #26 is in the books, so to speak, and even as you read this copies are making their way to your door and to your favorite magazine retailer. Click through for a sneak peek.


Made in Detroit, by Eric Gustafson

There’s a bike manufacturing renaissance happening in, of all places, Detroit. Gustafson takes a look at the multi-faceted blossoming of bikes in the “Motor City.” Would you like to see a Model T of bikes—a U.S.-made, utilitarian machine available for just $550, in any color you want as long as it’s black? It’s happening now at Detroit Bikes. here’s also the high-end handcrafting of Detroit Bicycle Company, a new bike trade show modeled after the venerable North American International Auto Show called Detroit Bike City, and a new brand with headquarters in Detroit—Shinola. In short, there’s lots more going on than one might expect.


Electric Bicycle Primer, by Karl Rosengarth

E-bikes are finally starting to come into their own as a viable solution for all kinds of people wanting to ride more. We here at Bicycle Times have been studying up on them since before we put out our first issue. Here is a primer on what you need to know: the basics of the different types and how they work, a little bit of science, and some handy shopping tips. (You may find yourself wanting one.) There are also a couple of e-bike reviews in this issue—the eFlow E3 and the Trek T80+GL—plus more planned throughout 2014.


An Interview with Anna Schwinn, by Karen Brooks

Anna Schwinn is the latest in a long line of bike visionaries, and is making her own mark, independent of her family, as an engineer at Quality Bicycle Products. I’d been wanting to talk with Anna for a while, and it just so happened that she came to the Interbike trade show last September to be presented with the First Ascent award by the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition. We shared an enlightening and entertaining couple of hours poolside, and this interview is the result. My favorite quote: “The Amazon tribes that eat their elders’ brains to gain their wisdom—I wanna eat Georgena Terry’s brain.”


Eating Well While on Tour, by Alastair Brand

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling by bike is stuffing yourself with good food at the end of each day’s ride. The intrepid bicycle tourist Alastair Bland relays some of his strategies for finding the best food on the road.

Tough & Tender Contest Winner #1

We teamed up with Swift Industries to host an essay/photography contest documenting women’s experiences on bicycles. Swift has put on this contest for a few years and wanted to give it a bigger venue—good thing, because the results are fantastic. The first winning essay is in this issue, and the next two will follow in issues #27 and #28. We’ll also be putting some of the other entries online, both here and on Swift’s website.

And more…

A bike-centric map of Detroit, the second installment of “Detour Across America” (featuring Mike Danger Cornell), debating vehicular cycling vs. separate bike facilities, and “getting high” on a bike.



Jones ATB

Trek T80+GL e-bike

Currie Tech eFlow E3 e-bike

Isla and Joovy kids bikes

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