Bicycle shopping for the 1%

What is it about bicycles that make high-fashion names want to slap their logo all over them and add an extra zero on the end of the price tag? 

This year’s guilty party is Gucci, which has two models for Christmas 2011: A steel singlespeed—with Gucci leather accents, natch—and a carbon fiber urban bike with an understated look.

The price tags? Take a deep breath. $6,200 and $14,000, respectively.

Both bikes are built by Bianchi, which naturally shares an Italian heritage. But if the bikes look familiar, it’s likely because you can find similar offerings in your local bike shop. Bianchi’s Pista Via Brera looks nearly identical and retails for a reasonable $849 and though there isn’t a corresponding carbon fiber urban model, the fact that their top-of-the-line-all-the-bells-and-whistles-race-bike is "only" $10,999, it puts things in perspective.

Ok, ok. So maybe you already have a bicycle. You can always pick up the $890 Gucci helmet, available in two styles (or "colorways", for the real snobs out there.)

Hey, if it gets people on bikes, I guess I’m all for it. After all, maybe the One Percenters will even ride down to one of those protest things they overheard someone talking about.

What are some of the more atrocious fashion designer / bicycle collaborations you’ve seen?


Just saw Louis Vuitton built a polo bike for the latest issue of Intersection Magazine.




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