ARTCRANK designs special edition Trek District

Trek Bicycle and international poster phenomenon ARTCRANK have unveiled a new aesthetic for Trek’s popular District line, Trek’s top commuter bike with graphics created by ARTCRANK Lead Designer Rob Angermuller (Lifter Baron). Hand painted and assembled by hand at Trek’s Waterloo, WI manufacturing facility, the custom project — only a handful of bikes will be made — was an opportunity for both Trek and ARTCRANK to take their love for bikes and art in a new direction.

Keep an eye out in this video for poster artist Adam Turman, who created the artwork on the cover of Bicycle TImes Issue #13.

The end result is a sleek, stripped-down single-speed bike, with graphics dominated by bold colors and shapes that echo traditional screen-printing techniques and textures as well as pop art and Japanese animé. The District ARTCRANK Edition also features the Gates Carbon Drive — a maintenance-free belt drive system similar to those used on motorcycles — instead of a traditional chain and sprocket, which accentuates the bike’s singular appearance.

Eric Lynn, Global Creative Director for Trek, sees the collaboration as the first step in an ongoing process for the world’s largest bicycle brand. “Projects like this are an opportunity to reach out to people in the creative community and give them a new way to look at bicycles. And I’d say that working with ARTCRANK has done the same for the people on our team.”


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