Apply now to demo a Bosch e-bike for a month


Curious about e-bikes and wondering how one could fit into your daily life? Maybe it’s taking the kids to school, or carrying your groceries, or even just getting to work without getting sweaty. Bosch wants to know how one could change your life, and if you send your story you may be selected to demo a Bosch-powered e-bike for the summer in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Ten cyclists who send their vision for how an e-bike would expand their horizons to between April 1 and April 20, 2015, will be selected to demo a bike from one of Bosch’s partners: Haibike, Felt, Lapierre or Xtracycle.


The Bosch e-bike system is fully integrated into the design of the bike, not strapped on after-the-fact. The drive unit is mounted in the bottom bracket area to keep weight low and centered, and provides a pedal-assist boost up to 20mph. The control unit monitors battery life, power assist level, as well as traditional cycling computer metrics like speed and distance.

We sampled one of the Bosch-powered Lapierre e-bikes last year and found it easy to use. Would it ever replace my normal bike? No way. But it could replace my car…




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