An amazing image goes viral

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen this amazing image by photographer Julia Ioffe of a boy on a tricycle in front of Russion riot police watching protesters of Vladamir Putin’s recent inaguration as president of Russia. 

She shares the story of how she made the stunning photo with the New Yorker, after suffering though scary scenes of protesters clashing with police. 

"My friend, Olaf Koens, a Dutch reporter, had the better eye. (He does some television work.) But after hours of documenting the violence, his iPhone was dead. He smacked my arm and said, “Look! Look! There’s the picture!” I saw a small boy on what looked like a tricycle moving through a scrum of people raining abuse on the police. Then he just stopped. I had followed him, my phone still in hand, and, when he stopped, I kneeled down and snapped the picture. I posted the picture on Twitter, misspelling Tiananmen, and went to get something to eat."

Read the full story here.


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