The “All Powerful Bike Lobby” ruffling feathers in New York

The latest round of Blue (bikes) vs. (seeing) Red came last week when Wall Street Journal editoral board member Dorothy Rabinowitz cited the "all-powerful bike lobby" and a government "before which you are helpless" as simply the worst thing that has ever happened ever.

Naturally the video went viral. Jon Steward picked it up on the Daily Show with a segment "Full Pedal Racket."

And Rabinowitz responded to the "hysteria" with a second video, claiming that the city’s police are unable to respond to the “torrent of complains and helpless screams,” and that city leaders are “terrorized by this thing that really exists, the bike lobby.”

Are you a member of the Bike Lobby? Where do I sign up?


Looks like Politico has taken a crack at investigating this so-called bike lobby. "All-powerful the bike lobby is not. Cars — and the infrastructure needed to accommodate them — still receive the overwhelming percentage of federal, state and local transportation dollars. But a scrappy band of bicycle manufacturers, smart-growth advocates and cycling nonprofits is increasingly fighting — and winning — battles at all levels of government."


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