Abus expands U-lock lineup with new 410 Ultra series

We’re big fans of Abus locks, which pack German quality and engineering into every type of locking device imaginable. Earlier this year we toured its factory in Wetter, Germany, and came away impressed with the amount of innovation that goes into a seemingly simple product.

The new line of 410 Ultra U-locks hits the sweet spot in price with a $35-$50 MSRP. Abus recommends you invest 10 percent of your bike’s value in a lock, so those numbers seem pretty competitive to us. The new line consists of two basic variants: a Mini model¬†with either a 5.5-inch or 7-inch shackle and with or without a cable for extra protection; a standard model with a 9-inch shackle,¬†and optional cable; and finally a long shackle option with a massive 11-inch reach.

Each lock is built with a 12mm, Silver-rated, round steel shackle, which is double-bolted to protect against cutting or twisting attacks. Abus give this series a security rating of 8, which is not quite as high as some of its heavy duty variations, but very secure nonetheless. It has a hardened, but round lock body for ergonomics and ease-of-use. Yes, the Mini should fit in your back pocket. It also includes a frame bracket that can fit most bikes if you don’t want to carry it yourself.

Learn more at Abus.com.



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