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Review: Breezer Venturi

By Shannon Mominee. Photos by Adam Newman.

The name Joe Breeze is most often associated with mountain biking, where he’s considered one of the founding fathers of the sport. Most folks don’t realize that before pioneering mountain bikes, Breeze enjoyed success at road racing. The Venturi celebrates Joe’s 35 years of cycling inspiration.

First Impression: Breezer Venturi

By Shannon Mominee

Most people associate Joe Breeze with mountain biking. He is considered one of the founding fathers of the sport along with Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Tom Ritchey, and Charlie Cunningham, to name a few, and Breeze is credited with building the first purpose-built mountain bike in the early 80’s. He’s also a Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee of 1988, and remains active in the industry today.

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Riding with the Breeze

It’s hard to imagine a more unassuming guy than Joe Breeze. Unlike his contemporaries Gary Fisher or Tom Ritchey, who are easy to spot in a crowd, Breeze could be the guy standing in line in front of you at the grocery store, or your friendly neighbor who always greets you with a wave and …

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