2011 Bicycle Times staff commuting totals

By Shannon Mominee

The numbers for total mileage and days commuted by bike to the Bicycle Times office have been calculated, and per her normal dominance—or at least our ability to mark an “X” on the record board—Karen Brooks, above, takes home the prize for most days and mileage. Actually, there is no prize, but all of us receive $1 for every round trip cycled.

  • Karen had 93.5 days and 2,338 miles
  • Eric probably would have won, but isn’t the greatest at tracking his days, he finished with 88.5 days and 1,239 miles.
  • Shannon cycled 80 days and 1,120 miles.
  • Matt Kasprzyk rode 31.5 days and 693 miles.
  • Justin rode 20.5 days totaling 287 miles.
  • Adam finished with 17.5 days and 287 miles.
  • Josh has a really ugly hill to climb to get home, but still rode 13.5 days for 432 miles.
  • Trina and Stephen live far out, take it as you wish, but rode 7.5 and 7 days respectively for 105 and 98 miles.
  • And the newest member to the staff, Jon, managed 4 days for 88 miles even though he only worked a few months and suffered a broken thumb.

In all, we accumulated 363.5 days and 6,687 miles. Both numbers are an improvement over 2010’s totals of 319.5 days and 5,868.5 miles. I’m confident that a lot of days were left unaccounted for, because we were so involved in producing quality magazines and drinking coffee and beer that we forgot to keep track.

What we need is a small rodent, maybe a hamster or Guinea pig, or a friendly primate able to mark an “X” on paper. Have one? If so, send video proof of penmanship to Adam at adam@bicycletimesmag.com. All applicants will be considered and we are willing to trade a T-shirt and subscription for use of your pet

How many miles did you commute in 2011?





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