100 mph by bike to a ride-in cafe

One gear, 100 miles per hour

That’s the goal for cyclist and frame builder Tom Donhou, who built this speedy cycle with a massive 104-tooth chainring to get it up to speed. It was recently on display at the Bespoke Bristol bike show, and Donhou said it has been tested up to 60mph on the road so far. And if you’re wondering how it’s even possible, the idea is that he will ride it while motorpacing behind a vehicle, similar to other bicycle speed records in the past.

Via NPR.org


Not police, but be polite please

Cyclists in London have taken to mimicking the look of police jackets to encourage motorists to be a little more mindful of them. The vests use the same style and pattern of police uniforms, but instead of POLICE it says POLITE. It’s close enough to get drivers to slow down and think twice. No word on the legality of the look, but the vests are for sale online.

Via the London Evening Standard


Roll on over to this cafe

Sometimes it would sure be nice to stop for a cup of coffee or tea on your bike ride home, and at this cafe in Zurich, Switzerland, you can do just that without even getting off your bike. The kiosks have docking stations where riders can pull right in and the bicycle is held steady while you enjoy your drink. As part of a larger cycling infrastructure makeover, the stands were only installed for a short time, but will likely pop up in other parts of the city soon.  

Via PSFK.com


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